1 Day in Boston : Travel Itinerary

Boston Common Skyline

As a kid, my parents were determined to take my brother and me on an out-of-state adventure nearly every summer.  These early memories of travel sparked my passion to explore the world, and that eagerness to wander has only grown as I’ve aged.  We experienced cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, and so many others including Boston… but I was young.  I only got a taste of what these cities truly had to offer.  It’s, for this reason, why I decided to take a weekend trip to Boston and encounter what the city truly has to offer.

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Mt. Moritz Breakfast : A Grenada Food Buffet


Food may be what gets me the most excited to travel to a new destination if I am being honest.  The prospect of trying out exotic looking fruits, parts of animals I have never dreamt of tasting, and cooking styles that are all too new brings out my inner Anthony Bourdain.  The traditional Grenadian style West Indian Breakfast was the best option to offer some of the most diverse food that Grenada has to offer.

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Black Sand, Rum Punch, & Privacy : Best Beaches in Grenada


Guess who just put a fresh stamp in his passport?  This guy!  That’s right, I felt the need to get a bit of sunshine and with a special someone who goes to school down there, Grenada was a natural choice.  Although small, the “Spice Isle” boasts 45 unique beaches that offer chances for snorkeling, trekking, and a good old-fashioned beach party.  While I only had the chance to explore a select few I firmly believe I found some of the best spots that Grenada had to offer.  Some harder to get to than others.

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1 Day in Atlanta : Travel Itinerary


Looking back at the various locations that I have lived over the years I can’t help but have numerous fond feelings for the diverse city of Atlanta.  Whether it was the sitting front row of the 3rd base side at a Braves game for only $1 or getting into nearly any concert I wanted to for free, there was always a good time to be had in this city.

This past summer I was able to return to the ATL for a quick, one day trip with the family.  Such a short time meant I had to be efficient when deciding what we were going to do, especially since I wanted to hit up so many of my favorites from my time living there.  With such a daunting task before me, I felt compelled to make it perfect and I believe I got as near as possible.

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Top 4 Concert Venues in Raleigh, North Carolina (and Within Driving Distance)


If you happen to have caught any of the Good Vibes posts you should be well aware that I am a fan of a wide variety of music.  Prior to moving to Thailand I lived in Raleigh, North Carolina which is arguably the best city for live music throughout the entire state.  With more venues than any other city in North Carolina as well as being the home to unique music festivals such as Hopscotch Music Festival and World of Bluegrass, Raleigh has cemented itself as the go-to city for concerts in the state.  Now that I am back stateside I already have numerous shows to attend and many of them are actually in Raleigh.  Below you’ll find some of the best venues that make North Carolina’s capital city a truly special live music hub along with a couple of cheat concert halls that are within driving distance.

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Sawasdee : Saying Goodbye to Thailand


As I sit here on my last day in Thailand staring at my packed bags I cannot help but let the memories of the past two years creep into my thoughts.  This adventure has reached its culmination but it has imbued a long-lasting effect on my life.  Between the people I have met, the crystal blue waters that I have swum in, and the children that I have had the pleasure of teaching, my time in Thailand has been nothing but extraordinary.

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I Can See Clearly Now : Eye Care in Thailand


It is an unfortunate truth that I am blind as a bat wearing a blindfold without my contacts or glasses so it was necessary I properly prepare when moving to Thailand.  I made sure to bring a year’s supply of contacts and my glasses just in case but eventually, my stock ran out and my specs were scratched.  It was time I visited an eye care center for the first time in Thailand.  Rest assured my fellow sightless travelers as eye care in this Southeast Asia hotspot is a breeze to find (barring the language barrier).

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Beer Snob Abroad : Craft Beer in Thailand


One of the most difficult adjustments this traveler had to make when living in Thailand was the severe lack of diversity in beer options, or, at the very least, easy access to those options.  It can be quite difficult to dig yourself out of a pile of nothing but Chang, Leo, and Singha beers, but rest easy as a true craft beer scene is beginning to emerge in the Land of Smiles.  The options are still severely lacking but it is becoming a bit simpler to satiate your hops craving.

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Khanom, Thailand : A Backpacker’s Respite


A typical backpacker’s journey to the south of Thailand will take them to the party islands of Koh Tao, Koh Samui, and Koh Pha Ngan where free flow Sang Som buckets and neon-painted tourists reign supreme.  These islands are a tremendous experience in their own right but every now and then the wandering soul might require a bit of time away from the fire shows and non-stop EDM parties.  This is where the lovely beach town of Khanom comes in.  Commonly frequented by the expat teachers of Surat Thani and Nakhon Si Thammarat, this quiet oceanside community may slip by the standard traveler’s radar.  It features a stretch of nearly untouched sand that can provide a much-needed rest on your Thailand holiday.

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Good Vibes : Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Darlene Love


This will be my second year in a row spent far from home for the holidays so I am filling this Good Vibes post with a bit of Christmas nostalgia.  While sitting here in my Thailand home finishing up packing for a Christmas beach trip I noticed an email sent from my dad.  Inside I find a link to the very last performance of Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) sung by Darlene Love on The Late Show with David Letterman.  For years on end my dad would have the entire family gather to watch this annual performance on the last show before Christmas.  It goes without saying that this video brought a tear to my eye.

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