The “Rhodes” Less Traveled : Why I’m Moving to Thailand

I had to get the first “Rhodes” pun out of the way early.

It’s been nearly 4 years since I finished college and began my venture into the “real world”.  From the start I took certain jobs in an effort to pursue some future career goal that I’ve never had a complete grasp on where I was trying to go.  The first two years of post-grad life landed me in the college football setting working directly with football teams followed by time spent behind a desk making phone calls (though it was still in sports).  After the year and a half of selling tickets it became all too apparent what aspect of my time spent in collegiate athletics I missed the most… the travel.

LA Tech Pregame

Working in college football (along with some previous personal and family trips) allowed me to visit 28 states and have a small taste of each one which left me craving more.  Well, I’m not getting any younger so it’s time to pack my bags and head off into the unknown.

So Why Thailand?

To be honest, I can’t quite put a specific response to this answer.  I guess the foundation starts with my infatuation with Asian culture, so much so that I took an Asian Religion course as an elective in college (what was I thinking?).*  In addition, I wanted a country that would challenge me in multiple ways so a location where I don’t (read: can’t) speak the national language was a high priority.  The location had to offer a challenge culturally, somewhere that would push the limits of what I consider comfortable.

With my destination narrowed to somewhere in Southeastern Asia I began to do research.  I scoured blogs, YouTube channels and conversed with friends who have been through similar experiences (thanks Molly!) all to get an idea of where I’d like to go.  In the end I was pointed towards the Special Thai Project offered by the American TESOL Institute.  The course included certification for teaching English as a foreign language, guaranteed job placement, and a group of other individuals that would also be taking the same journey I am.   Let’s not kid ourselves though.  The pictures of serene beaches, lush jungles, and ridiculously warm weather would be enough to draw in even the most cynical doubter.

The comfort of taking the course with other like-minded individuals paired with the sense of unknown that comes with a new culture lead me to my decision… THAILAND!

What Now?

April 3rd marks the day I begin this adventure to see the world.  I’ll first be flying up to Boston to connect to Dubai where I’ll be tasked with entertaining myself for a 7 ½ hour layover before I make the final trip to Bangkok.  The first day of my course starts the next day so I’ll have to get over that jet lag quickly lest I relive Psychology 101 and sleep through most of it.

Someone point me to the nearest Thai coffee shop!

For once I’m not sure what my future goals are and I’m OK with that.  There is a sense of freedom in the unknown and I intend to embrace it to the fullest.  All said, I’m tired of reading and hearing about Thailand and I’m ready to just experience it.

Book your flight now.  I’m open to all visitors!

*I do not advise taking an Asian Religion course as an elective.  That ‘ish is unforgiving!

What led to your big move?  Was there anything “important” that was hard for you to leave behind?  What was your biggest motivator?  Let me know in the comments below!

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