Your Questions, My Answers : Q&A

Your Questions, My Answers

Well, today is the day.  I get on a plane this evening and begin my ~30 hour trek to Thailand.  It seems that ever since I revealed that I will be moving abroad I have received nothing but praise and support for my decision.  Whether it’s been in person, through Facebook, Twitter, or email it’s been tremendous to see so much encouragement.  Below you’ll find a Q and A that answers the most common inquiries about my move.

Where’d you get the idea?
I always had the desire to study abroad when in college but the opportunity never really presented itself.  Once out of school I noticed some friends who were making their way around the world and I decided to begin looking into different options.  The internet was a big friend of mine when searching out opportunities.

What will you be doing?
Teaching English.

I'm BKK bound!

I’m BKK bound!

What’s your flight plan look like?
I’ll be leaving in the evening on April 3rd from RDU on Jet Blue towards Boston. I have a 2 hour layover where I’ll switch to Emirates to make the 12 hour trek to Dubai to endure another 7.5 hour layover and then it’s just 6.5 more hours in the air until my feet are in Bangkok.  All-in-all around 30 hours of dealing with airlines.

How long will you be gone?
The course itself is 1 month and then I will be given a school contract for 5 months.  The 6 months is just the minimum and so long as it’s not completely unbearable I will look to stay longer.

Where will you be living?
The first month will be spent at a hotel in Bangkok for the duration of the course.  Sometime during the course I will be given my placement somewhere within the country.  I’m actually enjoying the mystery of where I’ll end up.

JL Bangkok – My home in Bangkok for the next month.

Have you ever thought about teaching?
It’s always been a thought buried in my mind.  I’ve done a few coaching jobs here and there and the interaction with the kids was always a nice reward so teaching seems like a natural.

Why are you moving abroad?
To experience a different way of living.  While vacations are nice, I never feel like I get a sense of what the locations are actually like.  Moving to a new location will let me fully immerse myself in the culture.

Are you excited? Nervous?
It’s pure excitement at the moment.  I’ve had bouts of nervousness but the elation has quickly outweighed its effects.

So why Thailand?
Short answer, it offered a job, is beautiful and is located near many of my desired locations.  Long answer; see my first post!

Do you know any Thai?
Not a lick.

What are some things you’d like to do while there?

  • Get my PADI at one of the beautiful islands and dive sites.
  • Hike through some of the jungles/forests.
  • Volunteer (specifically at Safe Haven Orphanage)

Look out for ladyboys.
Wow, really? You’re just the hundredth person to mention that.

Take me with you!
Well buy the plane ticket and we’ll make it work!

Did I miss your question?  Leave it in the comments below and I’ll answer it ASAP!

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