Embracing “Being Alone” When Traveling Solo : Part 2

Solo View

Part 2: The Outcome

If you read my post from last week you will know that I faced a bout with the feeling of “loneliness”.  I set forth four action items that I wanted to focus on throughout the week in an attempt to rid myself of this feeling and once again embrace “being alone” halfway across the world.  The battle has been a strange one as this past week threw me quite a few curveballs but it would not be much of a challenge if I could see the road set out before me.  So without further ado I present each of my four tasks and how successful or unsuccessful I was at accomplishing them as well as how it has affected my current state of mind.

Task 1: Quit posting on social media and comment sections.

With the exception of checking a few things to do with this page and its social media accounts I did severely reduce my time checking FacebookInstagram, and Twitter (go ahead, click the link… you know you want to).  I believe this had an overall positive effect on reducing my feeling of loneliness but I do feel a balance can be found.  Moving forward, rather than mindlessly scrolling down my news feed, I will focus on those closest to me and their actions specifically.

Task 2: Call, not text, those back home that I have not spoken to recently.

This past week I got word that my grandfather had passed away.  This unwelcome twist in my week was extremely difficult to deal with.  I couldn’t be with my family to comfort them and vice versa so I spent a good deal of time on the phone with many of them.  It was so great to hear their voices and it just proved that I need them in my life even if I’m this far away.  On top of that I attempted to call some of my friends that I have not spoken to much since I left and to no surprise it was a comfort on the soul to have some words with them.  This has proven to me that I need to show a better effort in reaching out to those closest to me.  They helped give me the courage to move here and they will be the ones to push me to go even further.

Task 3: Get out of the apartment everyday after work.

Once again, with the passing of my grandfather, this became an especially important goal to strive for.  Nothing is worse for loneliness than to sit and interact with nothing more than your own thoughts.  It’s interaction with other human beings or the world itself that keeps the mind from going down a dark path.  This week I got back to playing soccer, joined some people for a chill pool party where I jumped from a second story window (just doing my best Tyler Hansbrough impression guys), and saw some friends from Bangkok who decided to pass through Sukhothai for the weekend.  I need to maintain this level of action to keep my mind moving forward instead of backwards.

Yeah, um... sorry Mom

Yeah, um… sorry Mom

Task 4: Spend 20-30 minutes in solitude each day.

So, I only achieved this for three of the seven days but why I have not done this before now is beyond me.  These sessions allowed my mind to focus on a multitude of topics all while confronting them head on rather than letting the good and bad thoughts just creep in.  I dictated the session and chose where it would go.  A much more efficient approach than facing whatever your mind happens upon by itself.


This week I reconnected with friends, family, and myself in an attempt to take on the feeling of “loneliness” and move towards finding that happy place that is “being alone”.  As I said in my last post, I thoroughly enjoy “being alone” and the closer I can get to that state of mind the better.  Though “loneliness” will inevitably creep in while I am traveling around this huge world by myself I now have a method to combat it.  One benefit of starting off my travels directly on the other side of the world is that no matter where I go next it is only going to place me closer to home.

*My grandfather’s passing was a massive challenge to face but in the end it helped me understand that even though I may be so far away physically I will always be close with my friends and family spiritually.  He was very hesitant about me beginning to travel before I left but now he can accompany wherever I may go in this world.  I’m happy to have another partner watching over me in my journey. 

Traveling is both draining and uplifting on the soul.  What methods worked for you and lead you to embrace being alone while moving about solo?  Let me know in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “Embracing “Being Alone” When Traveling Solo : Part 2

  1. i am sorry to hear of your grandfather. are you feeling okay now? at the same time, well done on addressing your loneliness. you are correct. you just have to make things work and keep moving forward with the help of people you care about. my best wishes to you!


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