Good Vibes : Get It by Matt & Kim

Matt & Kim - New Glow

Round 2 of Good Vibes brings us to a song (and pretty much an entire album) that has been on constant rotation since my time in Thailand.  “Get It” by Matt & Kim is all about letting go and embracing the wildness that you can get into.  While the song seems to directly address amping up a night out I think it has meaning in my job as well.  As a teacher in Thailand I have to be willing to adapt to an ever-changing schedule and the craziness of a Thai school when the kids throw any sense of order out of the window.

Aside from the song itself, the entire album, New Glow, is a piece of perfection full of much of positivity that I can’t help but listen to it as a whole to squeeze out every drop of carefree listening as I can.  If you have a Spotify account be sure to click “play” below and experience the good vibes for yourself.

*Featured Image Credit: Todd Spoth Photography, LLC

Do you have a song or genre of music that is tied to a certain point in your life?  Why is it important to you?  Let me know if the comments below.  I’m always looking for new music to add to my library.

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5 thoughts on “Good Vibes : Get It by Matt & Kim

  1. Thanks for sharing music. I love music and always nice to see what others like. I had heard of M&K before as it used to rotate in my gym’s playlist. Keep up the cool work.


  2. first time to hear about matt&kim. will check the album tomorrow. i like the idea of giving up control. just surrendering to what happens next. not always easy though, letting go. but am sure you are in the right track!


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