How to Be a Sports Addict While Overseas : Summer Edition

Sukhothai FC Game at Sunset

Sukhothai FC Game at Sunset

As soon as I decided to move to the other side of the planet one of the first concerns that popped into my head was, “How will I be able to satiate my insatiable hunger for sports?”  Of course there have been the obvious ways that include actually playing the sport but let’s be honest, watching your team play is an addiction.  We die-hard sports fans know this feeling, the frustrating agony felt when your team suffers an excruciating defeat or the tantalizing sensation that courses through your body as you watch your side run back a punt for a touchdown at the last second to beat a rival (you know what I’m talking about State fans).  You crave this high and I am not unlike you.

First time in 5 years I've missed the Coca-Cola 600

First time in 5 years I’ve missed the Coca-Cola 600

Summer is as good a time as any to get your feet wet in how to handle a sports withdrawal.  America pretty much faces one each year with the highlight of each summer amounts to the Open Championship or the Little League World Series.  College sports are nonexistent, baseball is in its mid-season lull, and there are only so many times you can watch a car go around in circles (but in all seriousness, I do enjoy NASCAR).  This lighter load has allowed me to pick and choose what I deem the most important to follow and keep up with.  The focus of my attention has been the US Men’s National Team along with, more so at the beginning of my time in Thailand, the EPL and Bundesliga.  Thailand’s timezone caters itself almost perfectly to the European soccer schedule.  For leagues, the games are on TV from 7 PM until 3 AM on Saturday and Sunday nights so it’s all too easy to follow the games while at home or even when out at the bar.  So European soccer takes the spot of college football more or less.  And hey, at least I got to check out Chelsea when they came to play the Thai All-Stars.  Not bad at all.

Chelsea vs. Thai All-Stars

Chelsea vs. Thai All-Stars

As I said, this summer has been a light offering of what’s to come for this self-proclaimed sports fanatic.  Within the next seven days I’ll see Carolina kicking off the college football season against the “other” Carolina at 5 AM on a Friday and the following Tuesday I will attempt to pry my eyes open for a fantasy football draft with some friends back home, once again at 5 AM (being over here will probably mean another last place finish).  The NFL is only two Sundays away from the start of its season as well so I’m going to have my hands full and will have to drop something in all likelihood.  I have not faced too tough of a challenge so far when it comes to keeping up with my addiction but the real test has yet to begin.  Especially when my primary goal is to enjoy what I have in front of me.

God help me…

What methods did you use to keep up with something important back home whether it was a TV show, current music, or sports like me?  Did you have to sacrifice anything in the process?

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7 thoughts on “How to Be a Sports Addict While Overseas : Summer Edition

  1. i can totally relate to you and wish you all the luck in the world! the last time i was in thailand i almost fell down the stairs of my hotel when i woke up a bit late for the ufc. what i like about it though is there is never a shortage of sports bars to catch the fights.

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