Hiking Thailand : A Burgeoning Curiosity

Back in the States I was never the guy to say, “Hey! Let’s go walk through the woods for hours on end as we provide a free body-buffet to thousands of bugs!”  Five months later I am in Thailand and looking for ways to get to get my nature-fix by doing just that, walking through the jungle while being eaten alive by mosquitoes so aggressive that they make a honey badger look tame.  Seriously, anytime I come back from a hike my arms and legs are guaranteed to look like a Chinese checkers board.  I guess the fear-of-missing-out continues to hold great power over me.

Hiking Phraya Nakhon Cave

Not only do these hikes offer the opportunity to witness every unique subtlety found in nature but also to experience honest communication with those that take the journey with you.  The calming sensation that nature imbues upon its purveyors allows for genuine talk to occur that may be lost in an otherwise deceitful world.  The earth is truthful in the way she presents herself to those that care to look.  Its layout is posed so that we can digest the wonder without wrongful interpretation as long as the eyes and mind remain permeable.  I feel this honesty is mutually felt and why I have found my conversations during these treks to be wonderfully fulfilling.

I have had the privilege of trekking through the winding wood of the north (Chiang Mai), the steep forest of the central region (Sukhothai), as well as the lush jungle in the south (Hua Hin).  With an abundance of options for my next journey I know my legs will constantly be worked and my eyes enamored.  There are so many more locations that I need to experience before my time here is finished, whenever that may be.

Have you picked up a new hobby while travelling?  Maybe you tried out the local sport, learned to play an unusual instrument, or discovered your inner painter.  Let me know what new passion you have.  It may just be my next obsession too.

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6 thoughts on “Hiking Thailand : A Burgeoning Curiosity

    • Though it may take some personal convincing I always enjoy any exercise for its peacefullness. Though near the top of my hike in Ramkhamhaeng National Park I started to lose that zen. A near vertical climb will do that to you.


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