Liebster Award Nomination


“I was going to thank all the little people,
but then I remembered I am the little people.”

– Paul Williams

Let it be known that in the beginning, the purpose of this blog was to be a space that I could convey the experiences of my time in Thailand to those closest to me so that they could have a small taste of my adventures.  As I have begun to delve deeper into the blogging community I have realized how unique and influential each blog and their writers can be.  I could read 40 different travel blogs on the same location (I actually did before moving to Thailand) and not one would be like the other because each experience is interpreted differently.  This is a great community that I have only begun to dip my feet into.

Come to find out, a popular activity among new bloggers is to present inspirational writers who are new to the blogging world with the Liebster Award.  The award is meant to give new bloggers exposure while continuing to build a wonderful community.  I have been lucky enough to have been nominated by a very creative guy named Joey over at the blog phxdown.  He writes about his travels through the US and the world while also showing off his admirable skills with the camera.

Accepting the award brings along a set of rules to go by:

1. Thank and link the site which nominated your blog.  Shout out to phxdown!
2. Answer the questions posed by the nominator.
3. Nominate other bloggers who have less than 500 followers.
4. Ask questions of your own for those you nominate to answer.

Answers to Questions:

Would you rather have a million dollars or ten years of your life back retaining all the knowledge you acquired in those ten years?
Hard question right off of the bat.  It’s tempting to take back time but I’d rather look forward than back.  There are events in my life that I will always question the motivation behind but they’ve all led me to meeting people who have shaped my life.  Even if I retain knowledge of them they would have no recollection of me and isn’t that what meeting someone is all about, the mutual exchange of experiences so that you both can learn and grow?  I’d like to think I have had a small impact on every person I have met, whether good or bad, because they have all shaped who I am.  I’ll take the money so I continue to find new adventures and therefore new people.

What is a food or drink you absolutely would never consume again?
Chickens feet.  It’s not that the taste is that bad but the it’s not enough to justify the work needed to eat them.

Do you have any interesting talents?
Navigation comes very easily to me.  I can usually get to and from a location with relative ease which is very useful in a country like Thailand where “clear directions” are anything but.

What motivates you when you lose focus or when times get tough?
Knowledge that there is always a way to escape and refresh so long as you can endure.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
I love comic books.  I’m not talking about just the movies that are all the rage among the public but the true, hold-in-your-hand, wonderfully-drawn comic books.  I’m the guy who knows the backgrounds of every character in the movies.  I was reading Guardians of the Galaxy back in 2006 before they were even a twinkle in the average fan’s mind.  I’ve been to comic conventions to have books signed like they were a top athlete.  I know there’s an astounding story about a couple who have sex to freeze time and commit crimes while time is still, aptly named “Sex Criminals”.  Comics provide a canvas for the wildest and most creative thoughts imaginable which could never truly be translated onto the movie screen.  I’m going to stop here because this could go one for awhile.

What is your favorite cuisine or if you can, name your favorite dish?
Sticking with the home-state favorite of North Carolina barbecue.  I may alienate some of my NC readers by saying this but Lexington-style is the only way to have it.

Is there a moment in time when you can remember where things were absolutely perfect?
Definitely the year I spent in Atlanta.  I enjoyed my job, saw so many amazing concerts, lived a stone’s throw from the baseball stadium, and had a strong group of friends.  Whenever (read: if) I ever settle back in the States I think Atlanta will be my target.

When was the last time you got drunk and can you explain what you remember?
About 2 weeks ago a group of us teachers went out in Sukhothai.  The bar was filled with ladyboys and Thai music that was loud even for a heavy metal concert.  At the end of the night I was getting a ride home on a friend’s scooter when she turned and asked if I wanted to drive.  I knew she hadn’t been drinking much and was able to call her bluff. I’d rather not die by motorbike. Tsk, tsk for testing me Donita.

You have unlimited time and money. What do you do?
Live in different cities around the world for at least 6 months per stay. I want to take in a culture rather than just see the sights.

What is one goal, big or small you hope to accomplish?
Build a truly extensive vinyl collection.  This sounds materialistic, and it is a little, but I really enjoy vinyl for the experience it brings.  The quality of music is heads and shoulders above digital.

Do you like pie?
I’m from the South so bring on the pecan and apple pies!

My Nominations:

There are 4 blogs that come to mind and have been great reads as I have started this writing journey.

Snooty Judy “…where inspiration is free.  This is my Trojan horse to produce and share beautiful things.”

I had the pleasure of going to high school with Ms. Judy it is easy find her soul and passion poured into every single one of her posts on fashion, art, and local happenings with a focus on our hometown of Winston-Salem, NC.  It’s great to see her so involved in the community organizing events such as 20 Somethings Doing Something and I can’t wait to check out an event when I get back.

waystoadventure “When you can’t travel, read.  But when you can, leave.”

Erin is a soon-to-be fellow teacher in Thailand.  I’m really looking forward to reading about her experiences here both inside and out of the classroom.  And if you’re a wandering bookworm she’ll gladly give you more motivation to Read a Book.

michadoes “Living wide and eating well.”

Micah is a foodie from the Philippines who focuses on the culinary delights discovered in her travels and at home.  Whether it’s making the reader salivate over a bowl of chicken wings or convincing me that Cebu is worth the visit she knows how to infuse each post with her own flavor.

donitasab “Life is an expedition without borders.”

Meet another teacher in Sukhothai.  Donita can be found with a constant smile on her face that also shines through in her writing.  The poetry in her story of sitting upon a mountain is refreshing to all those who read.  She has some mad GoPro skills as well.

Questions to My Nominees:

  1. What is your proudest achievement in life so far?
  2. If you were stuck on an island and could only bring one music album with you, what would it be?
  3. We all still dream like children sometimes so what do you want to be when you grow up?
  4. What is your favorite food to cook for yourself?
  5. What superhero, along with their qualities, best resemble you?
  6. What is your craft beer of choice?
  7. Favorite way to unwind after a long day?
  8. Where do you find inspiration and motivation?
  9. Would you rather stay in a hostel with random travelers or a comfy hotel by yourself?
  10. Is “barbecue” something you eat, something you cook on, or something you do?

Thanks to all of those who read and continue to do so as well as the writers who constantly write such entertaining posts.

Is there a blog that you follow?  Be sure to nominate them for the Liebster Award and pass on the love!

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8 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination

  1. The next time I have a layover in Charlotte, I’ll have to get some BBQ. Maybe I’ll go on a whirlwind, BBQ tour of the south one of these days and see how this Lexington-style stacks up against the rest.


  2. congratulations on the award and thank you for the nomination. i enjoyed reading your answers. chicken’s feet is common street food here but i have not tried it because i can’t imagine how it will satiate me. maybe if i eat 100.


      • i will answer now:

        1. despite everything, am still alive: survival rate is 100%!
        2. not married to any one album. recommendations?
        3. relaxed, happy, and traveling.
        4. spicy tofu stir-fry.
        5. is the joker a superhero?
        6. i don’t drink at all but i don’t mind tasting flavors of stuff.
        7. hot shower.
        8. in change.
        9. depends on how much i sucked in a particular day.
        10. barbecue is part of our street food culture.

        thanks again for the nomination!

        Liked by 1 person

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