Goodbye You Little Angels/Devils

Pai from 5/2

There are just a few more days left for my time at Kwang Tong School here in Sukhothai.  This Sunday I’ll be hopping a flight down to Surat Thani to begin teaching P1 at Thidamaepra School.  All of the reaching out that they have done so far has made me feel extremely welcome, and I haven’t even arrived yet.  That being said it is my last week interacting with the little balls of energy at Kwang Tong.  They have given me so many great memories to have.

This change is not an easy one to make.  While adult stick-measuring is mentally draining for me in the workplace my students have made eI Hate Adultsach moment worth it.  Even days when they don’t seem to want to learn or listen to “Teacha” Alex I’m still learning and pushing myself to break through to them.  These kids challenge me to be true every single day.  They don’t hide behind false smiles.  If they aren’t happy with what I have them do for class you can bet they’ll let me know.  But I love that! I can change things up so hopefully they are more excited and motivated next time.  The kids that I have had the privilege of teaching for the past 5 months have been tremendous and I will miss (nearly) each of them.  The daily exchange of “Good morning Teacha Alex…. xander” with my reply of “No xander” will forever be special to me.  Who wouldn’t miss these smiling faces?

Have you ever worked a job abroad?  What aspects do you miss most about that position?  Let me know in the comments below!

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