379 Drip : Craft Coffee in Sukhothai

379 Drip Front Gate

I’m actually in Penang, Malaysia right now getting my new Thai visa.  Woop! Woop!  So until I get back to sit down and tell you all about it this nice coffee shop from Sukhothai will have to do.  Enjoy all you caffeine addicts!

What a bittersweet discovery I made on my final week in Sukhothai.  379 Drip is a coffee shop in Sukhothai which specializes in classic drip coffee.  While they do have your standard quick-heating espresso machine the real attraction is the patience building method used to create drip coffee.

The Java

379 Drip gets their coffee via craft coffee makeDrip coffee served in a mason jar.rs from various locations in Thailand such as Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai.  Because each batch is made separately the style of coffee you get will constantly vary.  During my visit I was served a light arabica bean brew with strong hints of strawberry and lemon which is as creative as I’ve seen coffee get in Thailand so far.  The sweetness of the strawberry lulled the bitterness of the lemon to create a truly satisfying blend if not a bit weak.  A fellow teacher ordered the same hot drip as myself but received a drink spruced with the flavor of an apricot.  That’s how it works in Thailand, just order and pray you like it.  If you prefer cold drip then no worries, they have you covered as well.  I will never claim to be a coffee expert but I like variety and this special decoction was enough to keep my taste buds guessing.  The serving size pales in comparison to the jumbo mugs we have in the US but this pressured me to savor every drop that much more.

I’ll Take Some More Jazz Please

Tucked down a quiet Soi off of the main road is the perfect place for a completely outdoor coffeehouse.  Only sounds of the barista at work, chirping of the birds, and

A little greenery to go with your coffee.

A little greenery to go with your coffee.

soothing jazz coming from the speakers exist in this caffeine oasis which helps 379 Drip provide a relaxing setting to enjoy my drink and crank out a couple of blog posts.  There is a bar to sit at where you can watch as the master crafts his perk, wooden chairs and tables for larger parties to gather around, or round picnic tables and umbrellas for those seeking to be closer to nature.  If it’s hot outside you may try and seek out air con somewhere else but there are enough fans at 379 Drip to keep you cool and blow any sweat away.  There is also a fishbowl style office where you can watch an architect create his designs.  Even with the coming and going of customers he was never distracted from his goal.

It's easy to crank out some thoughts at 379 Drip.

It’s easy to crank out some thoughts at 379 Drip.

Cost of the Craft

The drip coffee is just a hair pricier than your standard coffee in Sukhothai coming in at 60 baht per cup.  On the way out I took an iced mocha to go and it was the same price as any other coffee shop for just 50 baht.  Overall the prices are as reasonable as anywhere else in town.  Specialty coffee might be a unique treat for someone on a teaching salary but to the traveler passing through it should be well within your budget.

379 Drip Menu

Final Say

It really is a shame that I only discovered this place during my last week in Sukhothai.  I spent a couple of hours here enjoying the calm and deliciousness that came with it and only wish that I could have visited more often.  Do Hi Coffee will always be my go to morning/lunch coffee spot because who could say no to a friendly conversation with Dinkle, but 379 Drip would have secured a spot in my weekend plans had I encountered it earlier.  The atmosphere offers something that can’t be found elsewhere in Sukhothai or most other shops where I’ve enjoyed a cup of hot caffeine for that matter.  While I’m still an amateur to the coffee world I believe even the most picky of coffee snobs will find something to enjoy at 379 Drip.  Mark it down on your itinerary when passing through Sukhothai.


379 Drip
Sukthothai, Thailand
Open Mon-Wed & Fri-Sat 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

There is something so soothing about coffee shops that always puts me in a positive state of mind.  Where do you go for solitude and peacefulness?  It could be a brewery, a park, or even a heavy metal concert, to each their own.  Let me know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “379 Drip : Craft Coffee in Sukhothai

  1. Thanks for your great info! We rode our bicycles from old city to new city and had coffee at 379 Drip! So tucked away but found it!
    Tomorrow we’ll do the hike ! No camping on top of the hill though but we’ll see how far we’ll come.
    Thanks !!😀👍


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