Thailand’s Greatest Attire : The Elephant Pants


It’s another busy week for me as I head down to Koh Tao to check off something that was high on my Thailand bucket list, a PADI dive certification.  Between the trip to Penang, Malaysia and back to the islands it has allowed me to be apart of the backpacker scene once again.  It’s refreshing to become a tourist of this lush country.  But you aren’t truly apart of the traveling community in Thailand and a majority of southeast Asia without a pair of the most iconic bottoms here, “elephant pants”.  You may know them by their multitude of nicknames ranging from backpacker to hippie pants.  These thin, free-flowing pieces of attire typically feature classic Thai designs and tighten in around the ankles.  I wear them whenever I take a long journey to my next destination or just lounge around the apartment.  They can be seen on nearly every tourist who passes through Thailand and may be the most comfortable bottoms I’ve ever placed on my bottom.

Lauren over at Saving Savanna brought a great website to my attention where all of my friends back home can grab a pair of “elephant pants” while also donating to help support the African Wildlife Foundation and their fight to save African wildlife.  The Elephant Pants, an online store, sells multiple forms The Elephant Pantsof the Thai-style harem pants along with other items such as tapestries, shorts, and bags and $1-$2 from every purchase is donated.  As of writing this post the online store has donated $122,584 in support of the AWF.  The clothes are priced really well and it’s helpful knowing that part of the purchase is going towards saving these sanctified animals.  Grab a pair if you want a small taste of Thailand and you’ll be the most comfortable patron of your local coffee shop.

Elephant pants are the calling sign of any respectable traveler in Thailand.  With so many designs to choose from you are bound to come across one you must have.  What’s your favorite travel gear?  Let me know in the comments below.

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