Hashi Japanese : Birthday Treat in Surat Thani


My first year of teaching in Thailand has reached it’s penultimate week and I cannot stress how much the coming two months of vacation are desperately needed.  It will be an interesting time as I am not getting paid during the hiatus but I still have tremendous travel plans that include some diving, hiking, and Batman v Superman in IMAX watching.  That is all in two IMG_20160217_185326307 (1)weeks though so for now my focus is still here in Surat Thani.

Thai food is absolutely amazing as it blends so many flavors into one scrumptious dish and while I have come to love Thai food, nothing beats a little variety every now and then.  This past week for my birthday I decided to treat myself to a local Japanese restaurant that I have had my eye on for awhile now.  Between the menu, atmosphere, and brand new beer Hashi Japanese Restaurant in Surat Thani is a culinary delight.

フード (Food)

Being so close to the ocean helps ensure that the seafood is consistently fresh and Hashi is sure to satisfy all lovers of sushi.  With over 50 choices of sushi to choose from, the menu adapts itself to raw fish newcomers and connoisseurs alike.  Seeing as I needed to accustom my taste for it I decided to start with something familiar, salmon sashimi (サーモンの刺身).IMG_20160217_184138162  It came out as the appetizer and was ice cold, almost as if the fish had just been plucked from an ice bath.  With just a dab of soy sauce it was the perfect opening for a culinary trip to Japan.

Hashi has everything from your standard hibachi chicken to the full fledged sushi sets for your main dishes.  One of my favorite Japanese meals is Katsudon (カツ丼), a fried pork cutlet served with an egg over rice so it was an obvious choice.  This particular version also contained a variety of vegetables such as golden brown mushrooms and seared onions.  The pork was perfectly tender and may have been the best cut of meat I have had since arriving in Thailand.  As an added bonus, most of the hot dishes comes a bowl of miso soup (みそ汁) that is to be enjoyed by drinking it.  That is right, no spoons can be found here and chopsticks do not help that much when it comes to soup so it is left up to your hands.

IMG_20160217_194443798雰囲気 (Atmosphere)

Sometimes dining in Thailand is only that and nothing more.  Atmosphere is most assuredly not as important as it would be in the United States.  That being said, Hashi steps up the game in this department ensuring a calm and quiet place to enjoy your food.  Soft Japanese music plays in the background and all of the patrons are chatting easily with their friends and family which makes it all the more soothing.  If you like to watch the sushi chefs at work be sure to grab a seat at the bar for a front row view.  Everything is all brought together with the blend of different shades of brown wood that really drives home the Japanses motif.  I think I have found one of the more comfortable locations in Surat Thani.

ビール (Beer)

One of the things I crave most from home is the unreasonable variety of beer options.  I so dearly miss my pumpkin ales, hefeweizens, and nitro stouts.  Thailand does not make it easyIMG_20160219_161811750 to satisfy these urges.  Luckily Hashi has pulled through in the brew selection offering up something completely new and tasteful in a multitude of Japanese craft beers from the Coedo Brewery in Tokyo, Japan.  I decided to start in an adventurous way and go with the Kyara India Pale Lager.  I do not believe I have ever had an IPL and after one sip I was disappointed to have never tasted before.  In addition to the IPL, a hefeweizen, an imperial sweet potato amber ale, and a few other varieties were availble.  They even have two of these beers on tap so the a beer geek can enjoy them at their finest.

コスト (The Cost)

Hashi is priced in a way that you can make it a cheap or expensive night depending on what suits you.  My katsudon was only 180 baht, one of the cheaper cooked items on the menu, and the salmon sashimi was just 150 baht.  If I am remembering correctly sushi rolls start at 40 baht apiece.  Larger dishes such as sushi sets and more technically prepared hot plates can reach up to over 1,000 baht.  Each of the beers are 220 baht whether you enjoy them there or you decide to take home for later.  For a teacher in Thailand Hashi is not an everyday place to eat but I need to indulge every now and then.  If you happen to be traveling though Surat Thani on the way to the islands or elsewhere I am sure it is well within your price range though.


最後の言葉 (Final Word)

I know that most traveling through Surat Thani never leave the pier but do yourself a favor and pay the 20 baht for a tuk-tuk to take you to this amazing restaraunt.  The prices are reasonable, the food delightful, the beer different, and the atmosphere calming.  Even though it was a birthday treat I think I will be making a few more stops at Hashi.

ロケーション (Location)


Hashi Japanese Restaurant Surat Thani
Surat Thani, Thailand

Japanese food has always been a staple for my birthday meals so it is no wonder that I was craving once again this year.  Hashi pulled through was an amazing Katsudon dish and a fresh beer to try.  What is your “go to” birthday meal?  Is there something you crave when searching for variety in food?  Let me know in the comments below.

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