Behind the Name : Tar Heel Voyager


For those of you that know me personally the message of the post will come across as quite redundant but I think it is important to tell the story behind my chosen name of Tar Heel Voyager.  To be honest, the “Tar Heel” portion of the name has extremely close ties to my want to travel.  It was the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that gave me opportunities to converse with unique individuals from all over the US and world.  My job and hobbies were even conduits for my travel experiences while at UNC.  I love to explore and I am a Tar Heel.

College presents you with a multitude of backgrounds to interact with.  Working with the football team I was able to converse with players from all across the United States.  Playing for the club soccer team positioned me next to exchange students hailing from various foreign locations.  Both of these activities carried me to nearly 1/3 of the United States to compete in soccer tournaments or perform my duties as an equipment manager for the varsity football team.  Places such as Phoenix, Tampa Bay, Nashville, and New York City were all brought closer because of my time as a Tar Heel.

1917496_348144470787_4524136_n (1)

NCAA Club Soccer National Championship – Phoenix, AZ

It is something that stretches beyond sports, it is a bond that binds the Tar Heel family together like no other.  Even on my travels I have met numerous Tar Heels and there is always a natural connection.  I have met Tar Heels living in Atlanta, Singapore, and Bangkok among many other locales.

954724_10101302221264968_1247709370_n (1)

Tar Heels at the East Atlanta Beer Festival – Atlanta, GA

On the cusp of competing for the NCAA Basketball National Championship my Tar Heel family can be seen coming together from all corners of the earth.  Whether it is gathering around the TV in the home of a fellow Blue Blood in South Korea, joining the party happening in Dallas, or being the lone Tar Heel in your city streaming the game as I will be, the Carolina family will become one.

Win or lose tonight know that I am a Tar Heel proud.  We might not be family by blood but we all bleed Carolina Blue.

Since I was young the Tar Heel name has been closely tied to my self-image.  The fact that it has also impacted my travels is only icing on the cake.  What led you to choosing your blogging name?   Let me know in the comments below.

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