Songkran Round 2 : Soggy Chaos


After spending last year’s Songkran amidst the busy that is Bangkok I thought I would take it down a notch by experiencing a more localized version of Songkran.  Well, I was completely off base in that assumption.


This Songkran was spent with some fellow teachers in Surat Thani at one of our Thai friend’s house.  The location was a perfect set up along a main road so there would be plenty of targets ripe for the dousing.  Trucks full of families passing by as we exchanged ice cold buckets of water.  Motorbikes ducking and diving all they can to avoid the soggy carnage.  Doraemon water guns and cheeky little brats soaking you at every opportune moment.  All while we have our fill of an amazing home cooked Thai food and a constant stream of Leo beer.


Bangkok and Chiang Mai each have their place for the Songkran celebration but with the proper connections you are bound to have a chaotic time no matter your location during this wet holiday.  When in Thailand, chaos is always welcome.

Where did you celebrate Songkran this year?  Where is your favorite place to enjoy the holiday?  Let me know this and any Songkran advice in the comments below!

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