Craving America : What I Miss the Most



With just over two weeks left until I make my first trip back to the States in over a year I cannot help but think of all the American greatness that I have been missing.  While in Thailand my taste of home has consisted of ill-prepared “hamburgers”, a CCR CD being played in my cab, a “chili dog” made with Thai chili sauce rather than actual chili, and English songs sung by the worst cover bands imaginable.  So without further ado I present the raw badassery of what I will be partaking in during my all to brief visit back to the greatest country on Earth!

1. Tar Heel Football

Gameday on the Hill!  Easily what I have missed the most while living abroad.  Just a bit about why a fall Saturday on campus is so amazing; sipping on a blue cup at He’s Not Here, a southern golden chicken and cheddar biscuit from Time Out, strolling through campus as the leaves are changing colors, and getting hoarse as I yell for my Tar Heels.  I’ll be back in the “southern part of heaven” on Oct. 8 to see the boys in blue take on those turkeys from Virginia Tech.  #goheels #goamerica


The Tar Heel needs his Tar Heels.

2. “Friendly” Rivalries

Piggybacking off of the first is the culture that surrounds the Tar Heels and all of ACC football.  Carolina fans intentionally provoking the insecurities of NC State supporters just to cause a stir feeds my need for snark like no other.  And at the end of the day we come together in our mutual hatred of those dookies.  #goacc #ncstateshit


A little heat never hurt.

3. Lexington Barbecue

I know what you’re thinking.  “But Alex, can’t you get barbecue anywhere in the world?”  Well sir or madam, you have a severe intellectual definiciency when it comes to the intricacies of what barbecue is and it’s geographical differences.  One of the first meals I will be in search of is a Lexington style barbecue sandwich where the pork is chopped and the sauce is a blend of two of the greatest condiments ever to enter your mouth, apple cider vinegar and ketchup. #lexingtonstyle

4. (Good) Live Music

The music scene in Thailand truly leaves me in search of something more.    Yes, CHVRCHES did just perform in Bangkok but these indie type shows are way too far and few between all of the techno and cheesy rock concerts.  I already have my eyes on a Dirty Heads concert whilst at home.  Nothing beats those sticky dance floors, poor lighting, tallboy cans of PBR just because they’re cheap, and swaying to those soothing reggae beats. #goodvibes


All the grunge!

5. Craft Beer (Especially Pumpkin Beer)

Change, Singha, and Leo.  The Thai equivalents of Budweiser, Coors, and Miller.  That’s pretty much your beer selection in the Land of Smiles.  Sometimes you are “lucky” and find an overpriced Hoegaarden lying around or an imported craft beer that costs twice as much as it would in the States.  As soon as I get my feet settled I’ll be in search of the nearest pumpkin spiced ale to sooth a craving that I’ve had for far too long.  Preferably the Southern Tier Pumking.  It is like someone stuffed pumpkin pie into a bottle! #beersnob


*Homer Simpson Voice* Mmm… pumpkin.

6. Pwning Noobs on Halo

How I have survived a year and a half without a proper video game system is beyond comprehension.  I am ready to take on the Covenant scum in Halo 5 and wreck kids in the latest FIFA offering.  It may take some time to shake off the joystick rust but I’ll be back to owning all challengers in no time. #pwning

7. My Bed

My current sleeping arrangement would not necessarily be called a mattress but rather a series of metal springs held together by a thin cloth.  I know I have a ton to do while at home but a good deal of time will be spent on my own lovely, soft bed. #sleepingoncloud9

8. Beers Around a Fire

This will not be a guarantee but I’m going to try and nudge some people along to get this one done.  Fire venues are not as common as they used to be and, unfortunately, I have to put the blame marriage.  October is going to provide a chill in the air perfect for standing around a bonfire with a beer in your hand while “shootin’ the shit” with the boys. #shootheshit


My time in the good ole’ USA will be all too short before I have to return to Thailand but I plan on making the most of it.  Traveling and living as an expat is a truly rewarding experience but that taste of home seems to keep pulling me back.  Hopefully these few weeks will be enough to satisfy my craving so I can continue emracing life abroad.

*Header Image Location: Old Well at UNC Chapel Hill

As an expat I am forced to give up some of the comforts from my home country, but that does not mean the cravings for these items truly subside.  What is something you miss from your place of origin while living abroad?  Is there a special food or activity that you do not have access to while away from home?  Let me know in the comments below!

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