Good Vibes : Pulling Teeth by Lucius


Tasks that once came easy can sometimes feel like “pulling teeth”.  Whether it is discovering new ways to reach my students, thinking of material to write for my blog, or simply navigating everyday life in Thailand, each activity can be a strain on the mind if not properly tackled.  Lucius’ new song, “Pulling Teeth”, is brilliantly relatable in its addressing of the idea that having difficulty with what was once simple can apply to all who listen.

The monotony of everyday life can turn what once brought joy into an arduous task.  When I first began teaching it was all too easy to create insightful methods to educate my students but familiarity placed me in a place where it became difficult to come up with new ideas.  Writing for my blog has, at times, presented a similar obstacle because it is not always simple to figure out what my next article should address.  These activities seem like “pulling teeth” at times but this is where you learn whether something is a true passion or merely a blip on the timeline of your life.  Can you persevere through these hard times and find the joy that you once had?  Or will you simply drop it and move on in search of the next enjoyable moment in your journey?


“Something’s comin’, hold it there just a little bit longer.
It will come to you.”

The beauty of this problem is that it allows you to reflect on what is truly important.  If you want to give up and move on then it is perfectly OK!  You need not feel as if you are forced to do something that does not bring you happiness.  Ridding yourself of the distractions that constantly make you feel like you are “pulling teeth” is not a failure but rather a cleansing.  It makes what you continue to pursue and hold onto that much more important as you now know that even the hard times are not enough to take that joy away from you.

Do you have a song or genre of music that is tied to a certain point in your life?  Why is it important to you?  Let me know in the comments below.  I’m always looking for new music to add to my library.

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