Black Sand, Rum Punch, & Privacy : Best Beaches in Grenada


Guess who just put a fresh stamp in his passport?  This guy!  That’s right, I felt the need to get a bit of sunshine and with a special someone who goes to school down there, Grenada was a natural choice.  Although small, the “Spice Isle” boasts 45 unique beaches that offer chances for snorkeling, trekking, and a good old-fashioned beach party.  While I only had the chance to explore a select few I firmly believe I found some of the best spots that Grenada had to offer.  Some harder to get to than others.

Bacolet Bay


You want “secluded”?  Then do I have a beach for you!  Bacolet Bay, in the Saint David parish of Grenada, is a thin strip of beach and there is a great chance you will be the lone visitor during your stop.  There are no beach bars, no high-end hotels, and not even a paved road to get you here.

Bacolet Bay

During high tide, the water does completely ensconce the beach and makes finding a place to rest fairly difficult but there are a few spots that you can duck under some trees to find some shade while you enjoy the views and each other.

To get here you’ll need to take the main road east along the southern part of the island.  Once you get to Westerhall Estate you don’t have much farther.  Bacolet Bay Beach Road is an unpaved road that leads down towards the beach.  Before you get to the end of the road there will be a steep turn off downhill that I would not venture down unless you have an especially top-notch offroading car.  Instead, directly across from the turnoff is an opening in the brush where you can back your car into and park.  It’s only a short 10-minute walk down the hill before you reach your own private beach

Black Bay Beach


For years I had dreamed of visiting a purely black sand beach.  I had spent some time on some mixed sand beaches, but to walk along the waves and see nothing but pure black beneath your feet is an absolute sight to behold.  Black Bay Beach is an adventure beach as it requires roughly a 20-minute hike from the main road to reach, features dilapidated buildings, and includes a cave with Ameridian markings.   The water is fairly rough at this beach and filled with pebbles that make it a bit to difficult to swim in.  Although we were unable to visit due to a minor foot injury, to the far left of the beach is a steep hill that leads to a cave that is worth the trek.  A local may ask to be your guide but it is easy enough by yourself, especially if you planned ahead and brought a flashlight.

The easiest way to get to this black oasis is by making your way towards Concorde Falls.  Once you reach a sign that directs you to turn right to reach the falls you will see another road directly to the left and that is the direction you’ll want to take.  It is best to park up on the main road and take the hike down the hill until you reach the beach.  Along the hike, you will come to a split with a metal bridge on your left and a brushy path straight ahead.  Continue straight bypassing the bridge and you will reach the beach all the quicker.

Parc a Beouf/Grooms Beach

Park a Beouf Beach

If you are looking to hit the beach as soon as you get off the plane then Parc a Beouf Beach (also known as Grooms Beach) should be your target.  Located a mere 1.5 km from Maurice Bishop International Airport, this is another quiet beach with limited visitors.  During the week it can be pretty barren and even on the weekends you will see just a few couples from the St. George’s University laying out.


This beach was arguably my favorite one to lounge at because the beach was quite large and featured numerous shade trees (always essential for this pale skinned traveler).  The water is typically quite calm with mostly soft sand at the bottom, but swim cautiously as there are some rocks about 20 feet out that can sneak up on you.  Grab a few Carib to bring down with you as, once again, there is next to no development on this beach.

Grand Anse Beach (Esther’s Bar)

Esther's Bar

The largest and most frequented beach on Grenada is Grand Anse Beach.  This active beach is located on the southwest tip of the island and is where the majority of the island’s resorts are located so there is plenty to keep you occupied if you are searching for more than just a beach to lay on.

The highlight of this beach is Esther’s Bar located in the Grand Anse Craft and Spice Market.  Ms. Esther makes some of the best cocktails on the island at some pretty good prices.  The best aspect is that most of her concoctions use local spices like nutmeg to help sweeten them up.  There are also some food shops nearby.  Be sure to try the grilled lambi (conch) as it is an island staple.

4 Down, 41 to Go

There they are, a small sample of what I think are the best beaches that Grenada has to offer.  Whether you are seeking a distinctive strip of sand, somewhere more secluded, or a place to let loose there are more than enough options to take in during your trip to this southern Carribean island.  Take your time and get lost as there are some great things to discover as you soak in the sun.

Every single beach I have encountered always has something specific to it that stands out whether it’s the color of the sand, the journey to reach it, or the local pouring your drink behind the bar.  What beaches have stood out to you and what gave them that special flare?

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