About the Voyager

Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

A little about the (soon to be) legend:

My name is Alex

Current location: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

My last name is perfect for travel puns (e.g. see my first post)

Soccer is a passion

First international exposure: Germany

Lived and taught in Surat Thani, Thailand for 2 years

My ginger pride is strong

Feel free to contact me at tarheelvoyager@gmail.com

Follow all my adventures on the social networks:


4 thoughts on “About the Voyager

  1. Hello Mr. Voyager I’ve nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. It’s a fun way to get more interaction between the community. You’re more than welcome to participate or not. 😀 Check out my latest post to find out more.

    Liked by 1 person

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