Mt. Moritz Breakfast : A Grenada Food Buffet


Food may be what gets me the most excited to travel to a new destination if I am being honest.  The prospect of trying out exotic looking fruits, parts of animals I have never dreamt of tasting, and cooking styles that are all too new brings out my inner Anthony Bourdain.  The traditional Grenadian style West Indian Breakfast was the best option to offer some of the most diverse food that Grenada has to offer.

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Black Sand, Rum Punch, & Privacy : Best Beaches in Grenada


Guess who just put a fresh stamp in his passport?  This guy!  That’s right, I felt the need to get a bit of sunshine and with a special someone who goes to school down there, Grenada was a natural choice.  Although small, the “Spice Isle” boasts 45 unique beaches that offer chances for snorkeling, trekking, and a good old-fashioned beach party.  While I only had the chance to explore a select few I firmly believe I found some of the best spots that Grenada had to offer.  Some harder to get to than others.

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