Facing Uncertainty While Living Abroad


It seems mildly appropriate that nearly a year after a hard bout with loneliness that another emotional enemy comes knocking at my mental door, uncertainty.  The idea of the unknown was seen as a glorious open door when I made the decision to move to Thailand but now, as the “2 years” mark gets closer and closer, what once was golden is now a strain on my mind.

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6 Things to Do in Pai During the Dry Season


When most explorers are planning their trip to Pai, Thailand they see bright green photos with mountains looming in the backdrops.  What may surprise you is that if you visit Pai in the dry season the scenery is going to be vastly different.  Dry season in Pai runs from November through April and offers a unique perspective on this northern mountain town.  A haze covers the landscape as farmers are burning their rice paddies for the next season’s crop and the lush greenery begins to incorporate a mixture of reds and yellows.  And while the lack of rain does dry up many of the waterfalls you can still find a few of these oases in the right spots.  Here are my top 6 ways to enjoy Pai during the dry season.

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8 Ways to Make Teaching in Thailand Easier

Screenshot 2016-07-03 at 1.34.39 PM

It is the day before you start your job of instructing the future of Thailand.  All you can feel are nerves running through every inch of your body.  Sit back and let me calm you down a bit.  Teaching in “The Land of Smiles” is no simple job but there are many ways you can improve the work environment and create as relaxing of an atmosphere as is possible.  It may come as a surprise that many of these suggestions have absolutely no relation to teaching whatsoever.  Appearance and show are the name of the game when creating a great impression on the first day of school.

Having been through two first days of school I have garnered a few skills in setting a good precedent for the year to come.  Hopefully you find some of these useful as well.

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Spotlight Bangkok : The Jam Factory

IMG_20150926_165212I absolutely love being in the city but at the same time I crave fresh air.  This could be why three of the four Spotlight Bangkok posts have been about embracing the outdoors while still in metropolis.

Featured today is an amalgam of the previous posts as this must-do activity involves a unique restaurant, beautiful city views, and an independent market.  In fact it evens adds live music, a bookshop, a furniture showroom, and an art gallery to the lineup.  To be succinct, this place has it all.

The market itself is quite small but the sellers seem to be at the height of their game.  The product quality outshines even that of the ArtBox Market.  Custom leather boots and handbags, hand-sewn clothing, and even vinyl records can be discovered among the items on display.  The Jam Factory will also host a farmers’ market occasionally but you just need to keep an eye out for the dates.  The same could be said for all other events held at the facility.

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Spotlight Bangkok : ArtBox Market

IMG_20151010_205509929_HDR (1)

Markets are a must do for anyone making the trip to Thailand.  In Bangkok alone you can find the world’s largest open-air market at Chatuchak Weekend Market, the beautiful flower market at Pak Khlong Talat, as well as the water-based Talin Chan Floating Market.  A common theme among the markets is that many of the items available are marketed specifically for the Thai lifestyle.  They are a must see for any tourist but can become a bit stale after you visit one or two.  This is where ArtBox comes in; to throw you a curveball for your market journeys.  The hipster-est of all hipster markets.

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Spotlight Bangkok : Sunset Cruise on the Chao Phraya River


The first Spotlight Bangkok post featured some of the finest food Bangkok has to offer so we are going to get a bit more adventurous with this post.

OK, let’s do some word association.  I will give you a word and I want you to say the first thing that comes to your mind.  The word is, “Bangkok”.

Reader:  “Khao San Road, ladyboys, Soi Cowboy, Chang beer, and buckets.”

Come on now.  Thailand’s not just about the party (though it offers plenty of opportunities for one).

Reader: “Temples?”

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Behind the Name : Tar Heel Voyager


For those of you that know me personally the message of the post will come across as quite redundant but I think it is important to tell the story behind my chosen name of Tar Heel Voyager.  To be honest, the “Tar Heel” portion of the name has extremely close ties to my want to travel.  It was the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that gave me opportunities to converse with unique individuals from all over the US and world.  My job and hobbies were even conduits for my travel experiences while at UNC.  I love to explore and I am a Tar Heel.

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