Hiking Thailand : A Burgeoning Curiosity

Back in the States I was never the guy to say, “Hey! Let’s go walk through the woods for hours on end as we provide a free body-buffet to thousands of bugs!”  Five months later I am in Thailand and looking for ways to get to get my nature-fix by doing just that, walking through the jungle while being eaten alive by mosquitoes so aggressive that they make a honey badger look tame.  Seriously, anytime I come back from a hike my arms and legs are guaranteed to look like a Chinese checkers board.  I guess the fear-of-missing-out continues to hold great power over me.

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Embracing “Being Alone” When Traveling Solo : Part 2

Solo View

Part 2: The Outcome

If you read my post from last week you will know that I faced a bout with the feeling of “loneliness”.  I set forth four action items that I wanted to focus on throughout the week in an attempt to rid myself of this feeling and once again embrace “being alone” halfway across the world.  The battle has been a strange one as this past week threw me quite a few curveballs but it would not be much of a challenge if I could see the road set out before me.  So without further ado I present each of my four tasks and how successful or unsuccessful I was at accomplishing them as well as how it has affected my current state of mind.

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Embracing “Being Alone” When Traveling Solo : Part 1


Part 1: Identifying the Issues

Okay, it’s not as bad as it sounds but this past week has called for a bit of self-reflection.  It has been a little over 4 months since I left the comforts that were offered by my home in the US.  There have been a few times where I have had to confront the concepts of “loneliness” and “being alone”, both of which are quite different for me.  Solo travel forces one to be with themselves and their thoughts.  While you may have a few companions with you along the ride the only real person that understands you is your own self.  Inward reflection is extremely useful but altogether frightening.  Who knows what you will find?

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Top 10 from Hua Hin : GoPro Edition


Finally!  A much need vacation from teaching.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids but the little buggers will wear you down faster than a race horse at the starting gate who needs to use the bathroom after drinking 20 Thai Red Bull Energy Drinks.  So in order to get some rest and relaxation I decided to take my first trip to the Thai beaches (I don’t count my trip to Pattaya because, well… it’s Pattaya) and visit Hua Hin.  Exploring Phraya Nakhon Cave was also high on my “Thailand Bucket List” so I can check that one off.  While there I put my GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition to good use and took a decent amount of pictures.  Below you will find what I believe to be the best 10 shots that showcase my trip.  Pictures are ordered from the time they were taken.  Sit back, scroll, and enjoy!

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