Sawasdee : Saying Goodbye to Thailand


As I sit here on my last day in Thailand staring at my packed bags I cannot help but let the memories of the past two years creep into my thoughts.  This adventure has reached its culmination but it has imbued a long-lasting effect on my life.  Between the people I have met, the crystal blue waters that I have swum in, and the children that I have had the pleasure of teaching, my time in Thailand has been nothing but extraordinary.

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Goodbye You Little Angels/Devils

Pai from 5/2

There are just a few more days left for my time at Kwang Tong School here in Sukhothai.  This Sunday I’ll be hopping a flight down to Surat Thani to begin teaching P1 at Thidamaepra School.  All of the reaching out that they have done so far has made me feel extremely welcome, and I haven’t even arrived yet.  That being said it is my last week interacting with the little balls of energy at Kwang Tong.  They have given me so many great memories to have.

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Good Eatin’ in Sukhothai

Sukhothai Saturday Night Market

This is an informational post so a fair warning that this may get a little long-winded but the delicious pictures at the end make it well worth the read.  Being from the South of the US I would like to think I know a thing or two about what it takes to make a good meal and I believe I have discovered a few of the best spots to get your foodie on while in Sukhothai, Thailand.  Everyone from North Carolina has their own barbecue spot they hit up at least once a week where the old waitress who’s smoked too much knows your name and exactly what you would like to order.  Well, I can honestly say that I’ve established myself as a “regular” at many food carts.   I might not be able to speak a great deal of Thai but I’ll be damned if 80% of what I do know doesn’t have something to do with food.

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Hiking Thailand : A Burgeoning Curiosity

Back in the States I was never the guy to say, “Hey! Let’s go walk through the woods for hours on end as we provide a free body-buffet to thousands of bugs!”  Five months later I am in Thailand and looking for ways to get to get my nature-fix by doing just that, walking through the jungle while being eaten alive by mosquitoes so aggressive that they make a honey badger look tame.  Seriously, anytime I come back from a hike my arms and legs are guaranteed to look like a Chinese checkers board.  I guess the fear-of-missing-out continues to hold great power over me.

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Visiting Ramkhamhaeng National Park

Visiting Ramkhamhaeng National Park

The town of Sukhothai offers little in the way of “modern” entertainment and amenities. The closest mall and movie theater is an hour away and only plays 1 or 2 English movies every month. While there are enough bars in Sukhothai to fill your social craving for a night or two on the weekend you can still be left craving something a bit more interactive. Especially after staying in the most beautiful of nature sanctuaries near Erawan National Park. That’s where Ramkhamhaeng National Park comes in.

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Playing Football in Thailand (As a Foreigner)

Playing Football in Thailand - As a Foreigner

Busy, busy, busy pretty much sums up how I’ve been since my last post.  But that’s no excuse!  Time to get back on the horse and fill you in on all of the Thai-ny (get it?) details of my life that you so desperately crave.  At least I keep telling myself that someone is reading this.  So grab some popcorn and strap in because it’s going to be a long one.

Note: I will be referring to soccer as football in this post.  Get over it my American friends.

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